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This could be an intense month, Pisces. At the top of the month the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in your eighth house of the psyche. After the first week Mercury and Venus have moved on to another place, the optimistic ninth house. This is a more visionary place.

We consider foreign travel and crave having new experiences, which includes meeting people with a different viewpoint than our own. But just as this adventurous energy starts to take hold in the ninth house, Mars enters the moodier eighth house on the 4th.

The red planet could stir up all sorts of buried memories, old dramas and fears. As this is the house of sexuality and emotional intimacy, and Mars is a lusty little devil, your sex life could be off the charts!

October 12222 Horoscope Pisces

This could happen with a lover, but also friends, colleagues and team members. Pluto has been retrograde for months in your house of networking and resumes direct motion on the 3rd.

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We will dive into how it all affects you in your daily horoscopes in the week ahead. The Full Moon times around the world….

This Month

London 13 October Sydney 14 October Los Angeles 13 October The start of the week is going to be tougher than the second, when the Full Moon arrives to break the tension and herald some easier astrology. In the first half of the week, the stand-out obstacle to peace, love and happiness is a clash between the Sun ego and Saturn tedious taskmaster, strict headmaster and crone.

So while you may wish to live your life, Saturn may have other ideas, which will be presented to you in the form of challenges, rules and limitations. The Full Moon in Aries is actually a wonderful antidote to this negative energy which peaks on Monday , as Aries is the child of the zodiac and perhaps the sign least willing to listen to what Saturn has to say.

Pisces horoscope October, 12222

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