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It can cover most areas of life from home and family to career, relationships and transpersonal goals. Astrologers may use traditional techniques or take a psychological approach to interpretation, sometimes combining both modern psychological methods with traditional methods. Some astrologers have had training in basic counselling skills and use these to help the client. There are astrologers who are trained as psychologists, counsellors or psychotherapists.

These astrologers will interpret the chart according to their training and psychological outlook. For instance some astrologers are trained in Jungian analytical psychology or in existentialism, while others are trained in psycho-dynamic work, in cognitive, behavioural methods or take a more eclectic psychological approach to their work. With counselling and psychological astrology, in particular, clients may want to book several sessions.

Ongoing work can be appropriate when a client is using astrology for personal development. What kind of play does the child enjoy? What kind of education would they benefit from? What skills could they be encouraged to develop? What kind of boundaries does the child need to make them feel safe and secure?

Astrology is well equipped to deal with such questions and parental concerns. It can be used to find the best time and date for a marriage, partnership, business, company, charity or inaugurations of various kinds.

It can be applied to finding the best time and date for document signing; for relocation moving house or business premises and for laying foundation stones or opening a new building. Ex — Experiential astrology: This form of astrology uses such techniques as astro-drama acting out the Sun, Moon and planets in the birth chart ; creative visualisation and any other form of artistic or creative self-expression using the birth chart.

The aim of this form of astrology is to help the client to experience the astrological energies within and to understand themselves at a profound level. The Sun, Moon and planets are often seen as sub-personalities which make up one whole and experiential astrology is an excellent way of understanding how these sub-personalities interact with each other.

Some financial astrologers do work with individual clients, but should have the relevant financial qualifications before taking on such work. While the birth or event chart is a snap shot at any one time of the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets, the planets continue to orbit the Sun and the Moon continues to orbit the Earth. By their very nature symbols are illusive and open to being expressed on many levels.

Astrologers will usually describe how current astrological trends or energies can work on an inner and on an outer level, but their intention is not to take away free will and responsibility from the client, rather to help the client to understand these energies as a guide to living. For instance, someone born in New York may want to move to Copenhagen in Denmark. How will the birth chart look when transferred to Denmark? What new possibilities are open to this person?

What problems could they encounter which were not very obvious while they were living in New York? Astrogeography can throw light on these questions. Local space is based on a similar principle, but can be applied on a much smaller scale, e. It serves a similar function to the Chinese system of Feng Shui. Astrogeography and local space are very recent developments in the field of astrology. Horary astrology can help clients locate lost objects such as car keys, give advice on whether a particular course of action is wise e. Horary astrology can be applied to many different kinds of questions from personal to professional or business areas.

A horoscope is drawn up for the time, date and place that the horary astrologer understands the question and there are strict guidelines on whether a chart can be judged or not. If the horary chart can be judged, it can indicate past events and future possibilities. Jyotish or Vedic astrology is mainstream in India and in much of Asia.

There are many similar themes in both western and Indian astrology, but there are substantial differences. Jyotish is often used to find a suitable marriage partner. Jyotish is becoming popular and much more accessible to the western world. Astrologers who are trained and qualified in one of the complimentary natural health therapies, such as acupuncture, can work medicinally with a client in the UK, but the law may not be the same in each country. It is illegal to diagnose illness in the UK and in many other countries without proper medical training and qualifications.

However, if qualified to do so, an astrologer can do much useful work with a client by looking at the chart from a health point of view. Medicinal astrology is a very ancient art practised by physicians in older times. Much of medicinal astrology has been modernised and each practitioner tends to work in their own way. Synastry can also be used in professional relationships and in business. It is even possible to study the relationship between an organisation or country and an individual and some astrologers will study the relationships between groups of people.

A birth chart can be seen as the word of God or whatever term for the divine is used. However, there is one branch of spiritual astrology, called esoteric astrology, which follows the work of Alice Bailey who was a Theosophist. For a variety of reasons some clients may want or need to change career direction. They may feel stuck and uncertain in what direction to take as far as vocation is concerned.

The birth chart can also throw light on what kind of work environment suits clients best, e. Countries have their own birth charts, much like individuals, and the study of the charts of countries is one of the main areas of interest amongst astrologers doing mundane work. The charts of politicians, presidents and members of royal households are frequently studied. The media Officer has a list of astrologers who are willing to communicate with the media on specific areas of astrology.

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Astrologers work in many different ways. Most, but not all, will hold one to one sessions with clients and some are willing to work with groups of people. Others are willing to hold sessions via the telephone or may be willing to answer questions by email. Many astrologers will do written work.

The following abbreviations show what kind of delivery methods the astrologer is happy to work with:. Our thanks to Jean for taking the time and trouble in spite of her hectic work schedule, to formulate the above. As mentioned at the start of the article, please direct any comments or changes to Jean via email. Would you like more business, and also know that you belong to a growing and developing organisation that has your best interests at heart? Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of spreading the word at no cost, so each one of us has the ability to mention the APAI to our friends, colleagues and associates, whether we have friends who are learning astrology, or if we know someone who is looking for an astrologer.

One of my roles is to do this and I have a Consultants List to hand to give out contact details of a member who maybe is in a location nearer to the enquirer, or for an astrologer that practices in a particular way. But we can all do this as it brings benefit to everyone resulting in more work, and more recommendations. Think about the benefits of belonging to the APAI too; you are entitled to use the letters MAPAI after your name which marks you as a qualified astrologer belonging to a professional organisation, giving confidence to the potential client in your skills and integrity.

As a member, you have access to group insurance through Balens, and if you are newly qualified, you can become part of the mentoring and buddying scheme. You also get fantastic newsletters at regular intervals like this one! Not only that, the growing visibility of our website attracts visitors from around the globe who will have easy access to your own website or the details you wish to advertise.

Our annual APAI Open Day is becoming an informal and friendly way to meet each other and talk astro-speak with others to your heart's content, plus you can play a valuable part in the decision making of our association to bring benefit to us all at the AGM. Paid for advertising is expensive and not so effective as other methods, so if anyone has any other ideas on how to promote astrology and astrologers please get in touch, be proactive and know that by helping yourself you help all of us.

This opportunity came via the APAI. I now have my own monthly slot, which I thoroughly enjoy. I regard it simply as a conversation between ourselves and this seems to be the secret of good radio. I quickly learned to take control of the content so that I can be prepared.

I then move onto a topical item eg the eclipse, the solstice, gardening by the moon, what is astrology, the nature of forecasting. Val also prepares around the topics I choose and often chips in with lists of famous Taureans or the like. Broadcasting has brought me a few clients and this may grow with time. Information on courses from Margaret Gray. Suitable for all astrologers and students who wish to gain a psychological perspective on their work. Also, watch out for information on an intensive course in Psychological Astrology as well as two seminars in the beautiful islands of Hawaii in March All teaching by Margaret Gray and John Green.

For information see www. Further information on www. I am currently doing research on the transits of Pluto to the angles of the natal chart. If anyone has had this transit I would appreciate you contacting me so I can discuss it further with you. All replies will be confidential. Many thanks — Margaret Gray. If there are any members who would like a mentor or be a mentor please get in touch with me. We have been invited to submit a nominee for the Charles Harvey Award. Should you have any one you wish to nominate, please advise the Secretary by the 31 st May. Mars into Leo on the 3 rd June at Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Charles Harvey Astrology can help people understand themselves, gain self-knowledge and psychological insight. Of course I don't give them any information. I came here to see what more information I can find. Your article did not give me much I did not already know. I will share it on FB! Posted By: Chris Landry. Did you get those pictures? I said no what pictures? You didn't get the pictures I sent you? I said No well let me have your gmail account so I can provide you more prove that this is real and legit and you have nothing to be skeptical about.

I said does it have to be a gmail account? My email address is scamchecker mailinator. First email contents: To: scamchecker mailinator. I work for Fedex, I was appointed as your official delivery agent. I said Oh I have 2 emails, and neither one is proof. I haven't received anything else yet. Posted By: Gladys. I believe that they tried to scam me.

She sent me pictures of other winner's copy of letter, and certificate. Boy they are so good they really have you be living it.

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I didn't believe them so I instead message Mark Zuckerberg to tell him about it and now my face book account is temporary closed. I haven't heard anything about this scam or any face book lotto,just wanted answers. Posted By: mike weber. Yes i'm here to tell the bull shit story on how i was on the phone from pm March the 19th to am March the 20th for a total of 5hours! I could keep right go'in but i'll shut now but something needs to be done about this shitty ass scam!!!!! Posted By: Michelle Smith. My name is Michelle. Smith I am a si gle mother. Tonite I was on Facebook.

And someone friended me saying that I just won a sum of Posted By: Luisa. Just contacted by a certain Pipkin, Marie Dudley.. Her profile is on Fb , she's blond , middle aged and has the Facebook logo in the background. Posted By: Henry Ford. Yeh, got one from a John Ronk. Facebook Freedom Award he calls it. Have to pay fees to get award????? Posted By: Elizabeth Lucas. Please do not accept any firendships from people , until you at least check out their page and who they are!

I recently did this ,it was a female so I didn't think very much about it even though the pic looked a little funny but I thought maybe she was wearing a wig or something due to some sort of disease..

She kept contacting me and sounded a little needy so finally I started talking to her. I told her that this was a scam and I have heard this same crap thru the phone and asked her to not contact me again and went on her only friend site Cochren Milla and put a statement on there about her scamming people please do not respond to her. I told her to do what ever she thinks she can but that I have her messages saved and to do herself a favor and delete me.

I reported her to FB and was told that within 2 min. They even had it set up to share on most of the Social media sites , so I am letting all of you know ,PLEASE do not give any of your info out and please protect your elderly friends and Family. They can use this info to steal all of your info and take everything you own ,get you arrested for crimes that they have commited in your name and so forth. If u have had this happen to you please look it up online and report it to the Federal Trade Commision. Thanks just trying to look out for my real friends and family exspecailly the trusting and the elderly.

Posted By: brian conner. Facebook Customer Service Phone number for other region you may contact through skype id Technicalhelpdesk9. Posted By: Dan. Mine was named Dawn M Edwards. Posted By: Fran Baynham. I have been contacted after a friend request from Cheryl M. Posted By: carl. Someone just hacked into one of my actual friends account and became a poser. Then they asked for my cell number which i thought was strange but provided anyway thinking that this is an old friend Now i've got two accounts of the same person Posted By: dorothy johnson. I have this women saying I am a winner and it's from facebook I an suppose to get ahold of Ricky Williams.

Posted By: brenda. I was contacted by a woman Stone- Chelsey Anna. Is that understood? Posted By: candy lechter. Yes, I was messaged by a Tracy Ann Mccoy who said I was selected from 20 entries to win a Facebook lottery to promote Facebook around the world. They wanted my name address age sex and mobile phone number.

I had friended her when she sent me a request about a month ago. It seemed harmless enough. She said to email to facebooklott. I told her that I believe she is a scam. She said it is for real. I just wanted to put this out there. Do not be fooled. Posted By: Yolande. I've just been contacted by Fermin Ventura telling me the same bunch of crapola. Posted By: Joeana Dennee. A man named agent David Matthews tried to scam me by saying I was a winner but not through fb winnings asked for all my info such as name address county ,age, email address where ups could send me a check once I gave him this information he then informed me that I would have to send money a 1, dollar fee for the ups team at this point something became a little fishy why would I have to pay for something I won and it wasn't because of taxes cause he said it was a tax fee and anyone can e-mail you something saying they are from ups company they emailed me after the fact that I told him I need some kind of proof that this is real he then sent a e-mail from a women named Mary Peterson she was supposedly from Ups letting me know they have my info and I needed to pay the amount or I would not receive the package and it wasn't even a legit email don't fall for this another thing he mentioned that made it look more wrong is keep it confidential.

I can't imagine how many people this guy or women at that has scammed people. Posted By: Jim Potter. I was just contacted by a Marie Rose McDonnell blocked and reported. Thought it was weird getting a message at 2am. Posted By: Trecia. This started yesterday and is still going on right now her name is Denise Lynn Demarco. Posted By: Michele wright. I have someone messaging me right withe same story. Posted By: Cynthia Davis. I have gotten a message on facebook messenger saying that i had won the Facebook lottery by this women by the name Stephanie Gagnon last night trying to get me to give her all my information.

I reported her to Facebook. Posted By: beatris kiemena. Posted By: Thomas Mckeever.

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Posted By: Roland. Is there really a facebook lottery? I contacted you because i have a good news for you from the Facebook Lottery Department.. Have any of our facebook agent inform you about your winnings? I am pleased to inform you of the result of the Facebook Lottery promotion draws held by Facebook group in cash promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook worldwide. Hi again I have not participated in any lottery, for facebook, you have got the wrong person, a person with a similar name?

Posted By: Steven lynch. Brandon millor just contacted me with the same thing that was on this page can he aget into my account. Posted By: Steven mcilroy. Brandon Miller was trying to say i won alot of money, have i been scammed and how much damage can these people do. Hello Everybody am so happy giving out my great testimony on how i got my desire loan amount from Loan Sharking Investment , I want to quickly use this opportunity to let the whole world know of this, Am Mrs Michele D Waters Hooks from Sheffield, Alabama USA, I was in search of a loan to start up my own business in support of my husband regarding the kids expenses so i went online searching for loan when i came across some lenders that cheat and scammed away my little money at that process of time i got confused i don't even know what to do anymore because the little money i was having with me was taken away by those fraudulent bastards that call themselves real loan lenders, So on one faithful day as i was browsing through the internet searching for job i came across some testimonies commented on the forum by one Mr Charlie Gilberto, and Mrs Monica Luis on how they receive their loan from Loan Sharking Investment Email: loansharkinginvestment gmail.

Posted By: Claire. Contacted from good friend said she won 3 grand and apple laptop. She seen my name on list so contacted person n went through details sent me pic of certificate wanted pound but my friend paid of it already don't know what to do. Posted By: daya raj nepal. Posted By: lukethapa Posted By: james meachem.

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Posted By: Wojciech Dawidowski. I get the news yesterdau abaut my win i facebook lotery. Posted By: Somone pholi. I just had the exact same thing happen to me his messaging me at this moment as we speak stating word for word with what is written above. I took his picture imaged searched it and there was the same pic attached to a lawfirm company advertisement page. What can i do to report him and get it out for everyone to see.

He also sent me a facebook official letter which i would love to share for all to see to be aware. Thanks, as You say no more than 20 minutes ago someone contact me facebook and try to cheat as it You say you do. Posted By: Ken Parris. Just got a message from my long time friend Diane. I'm absolutely sure Diane had nothing to do with it. Would please look into this? Heres the dialog. Hey Diane, How's retirement treating you? Treating me very fine and great, i hope you are fine? Playing music on a regular basis, so life is good.

That's nice to know, have you heard the good news yet? About Bo? If not I have no idea what the good news is. Have you gotten yours yet? No, but I will check into that. Thanks I already got mine, wait on let me suggest to you the Online Director on facebook, so you can claim yours also I have suggested her to you, check in your friend request notification, you will see her name Sally McCurley, add her and message her that you are ready to claim your winnings I'm not the only Ken Parris around here.

I sure hope you are right about this. I am sure it is you, did you see her name? I responded to the friend request and am about to contact her. Thanks Good, message her that you are ready to claim your winnings How long ago did you claim your winnings? You sure this is not a scam I got mine delivered to me couple of days ago I got a response from Sally Wow, am so happy for you I think you should be corresponding with her now just did Ok I am still skeptical of this.

You know there are scams going on on facebook that work exactly like this. I think I will do some research before I give out any personal info. This is for real and legit, i already have the money. How did you get paid? It was delivered to me by the Ups Call me pl. Posted By: William Miklavic.

I replied and had the conversation below. Please note that this is a scam!! Whats next? How do I collect my winnings? Thank you Angela Rose Capurso Here are some pictures of our past winners take a good look at 3 picture were sent of people holding checks from Facebook. Me At doctor office's right now they just called me back will have to get back with you later Angela Rose Capurso Okay and your email, phone number? Me xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Posted By: Barbara starks. You have won , Posted By: Mitchell Roy Boone. How do l check out to find out this person is real or fake?

Posted By: Elizabeth thompson. I received a text from Lynn Raeanna Bond. Look like a nice old lady if that's her picture. Claim she's a Christian. She or he is a scammer. Janice Darner. Even showed me pictures of three winners. Posted By: michael w. She said that she was authorized by the President of Face Book Corporation to give me the great news of my win.

Time and time again I have ask her to verify this informatiom by giving me their phone extension for their office at Face Book. Was told she had none. I have tried time and time again to contact some one at face book on this matter with on results. Her so called email is Any feed back you can give me will be a bblessing. Posted By: Michelle. Ramirez Rita Faye just messaged my boyfriend with the same story! I called her out and asked her why her profile pic is Margaret Thatcher they didn't have a response! This is a total scam so anyone reading this please don't fall for it!!!!!

I actually sent them a screenshot on what was said on this site and they asked where did i see this from and blocked them right after sorry to anyone who lost money from this scam can't trust anyone over the internet! Posted By: lanette Allen Gray. There is this person calling them Charleston sherry Ann telling me that I won money through face book lottery. Dear friends I received email if i winner facebook lottery I want to know correcte this email.

Posted By: Lee Wilson. Was contacted on Facebook today by a Ann Elizabeth Taylor via a friend request today. Her profile shows she works for Facebook as an online calming agent.

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This person is a scammer. Beware and send no info! Blocked her and unfriended her. Posted By: lisa. Today at pm. A named Judy Leger just chat with me. I asked her fon. She gave me Mr. I asked if there's fees to pay. She didn't answer. By monday is the last day to claim. I said need some proof and verifications. I know its a scam. Posted By: Suman. Scammers created fake site bbcpromohpage. My name is still in winners list. Posted By: Andrea. Hi,I received a message from my cousin about my name being on the list: Hello, I just want to know if you have received your winning money from the annual anniversary of Fb and megamillions.

I have received Two Hundred Thousand Dollars from them and you need to Contact Mr Dennis to get yours too because your name is also on their list of the lucky people. Here is the Mr Dennis Contact info: Text him your name and he will let you know what you need to get your money. Posted By: Randy reinke. I have been contacted by a nicolene mad so a Facebook claiming agent ,saying I have been chosen to win , Posted By: Mike walker. Inez tato sent me an email stating out of 20 I was selected to win 4. Posted By: Virgil Manis. Yea i have been contacted by one of these scammers..

The name she was using is Ramirez Rita Faye!! Better than that she did make me believe i won.. Said my winnings was seized at the airport.

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She has another person working with her Her name is Kimberly Morgan.. They are in North Carolina!! Posted By: Justin Beams. I had this happen just yesterday or the other day. Posted By: LauRese Alvarado. I had the same encounter with a lady named Lindsey Grace and it was the same thing same pictures of supposed winners and a fake certificate it was awful I am a single mom and to tell you the truth it hurt to have false hope some times I am vulnerable to those kinds of things and she told me to send dollars to release the check I don't have that kind of money right now I'm outrageously hurt by these kinds of people no heart.

Posted By: Kelly S Parrson. So how do I know this is legit? Posted By: LM. My morning started out with the same Facebook scam too. I wish this was real! I could use the money and I am sure you all could too! She wanted me to go to their office in Menlo Park, CA I live in Washington, D. Posted By: Grace Giles. I work for Facebook social Network Inc.. I was authorized to contact you by the Facebook Organization and they ask me to pass to you some good news okay Before i proceed i will like to know if you have heard or been informed about the ongoing Facebook Promo going on?

Your name was selected by Automatic Random Machine, which your Facebook user name show up on number 6th from the 25 lucky listed names. As a result of this, these friends try to claim the Award on behalf of the real winners. Okay we are ready to show you our past winner i want to know if you are ready to see a scan copy of that? I want you to know that we have two way our lucky winners receive their winning prize and you have to choose one of the option and get back to us so that we can process on it In order to claim your winning prize you are to Reconfirm some Data-Bases in which the Facebook Board will make use to get your Winning Certificate and all Necessary document available for you before they can release your winning Funds to you today.

Full Home address: Country: Mobile Number: Email Address: facebook already has all that Those are the details you are to reconfirm in order to claim your winning prize? I want you to send me those detail now so we can proceed on your winning understood.. Thank you I want the money, just let me get the email ready, okay, so I can find it, is there a time limit? Full Home address: Country: Mobile Number: send that now..

Facebook Lottery Chat - Scam Detector scam-detector. Facebook Lottery Chat Scam Detector exposes in detail hundreds of the most popular scams in the world. Learn how they work and protect yourself. How the scam works: with video below You are on Facebook and one of your new added contacts starts a conversation with you using the chat feature. You remember all of a sudden… scam-detector. Posted By: Marianne Boyce. Posted By: Kathleen Summerhays.

But I would have to pay a fee. I told her I have won things in the past and never had to pay a fee. I informed her I did not have the money. She came bak with that they could loan me half of the fee. Well of course I would not send her anything. But She keeps saying this is legit. Do they even have one. Why oh why do people try and steal any thing they can from other! Posted By: Elizabeth Champlain. I was contacted that I may have won. Told him it sounded like a scam. I am wondering if anyone has actually received said winnings and why do I have to pay for something I have supposedly won.

Posted By: Steven fillmore.

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I was contacted today and was told it was microsoft and facebook drawing that had me dollars was to send dollars to fed ex in tulsa ok to claim my winnings. Posted By: steven fillmore. I was contacted by joshua telling me he was in charge of facebook lottery and i haf won dollars almost word for word what ive just read does facebook run such a lottery i need to know plz let me know asap. Posted By: Moses Bundor.

I got a message from a lady called Cindy Kennedy stating that my name was among 17 international subscribers, and that I should send my name and particulars, including passport number to Claus Wiltod Facebook Consultant. I sent all the information required to Mr Wiltod, who further send them to a Bank called National Bank of Canada situated at 71 Fenchurch street in London.

To cut matters short again the bank requested that I should send my details to a courier company called Delta Global Logistics, which I did and also a postage fee of 70 USD. I was told by Delta Global Logistics that my parcel will be send to me in Nairobi Kenya as by then I was on peacekeeping mission in Somalia. Posted By: Lauren. I received a friend request from someone I thought I was already friends with.

They used her FB picture and we were chatting when they brought up the lottery. When I grew suspicious, they dropped the account. Posted By: Odee.

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Learn more about what it means to be a Leo. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My name is Nadya. Be patient and find that inner strength and things will soon change for the better. Thought it was weird getting a message at 2am. It also finds astrological organizations, conferences, classes and has an excellent selection of astrology products.

Here's what I'm dealing with now, because of a seemingly honest Friend request. I am authorized to send you the friend request by Mr. LOL would rather he paid off my mortgage angel emoticon Am contacting you cause i have good news for you from Facebook They did something new again?

Are you there? I am waiting to hear this good news Have any Agen contacted you about your winnings What winnings? I don't remember entering a contest. I am delighted to inform you that your name was selected among the 15 lucky winners who won the ongoing promo. And that is why i contacted you to inform you about your winnings. What promo? Paying down debts Okay well I want you to know that your winnings are real and left and if you doubt o can transfer you to Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook here is the pictures of our pass winners. Posted By: reyna. I got a tracey Thomas in chat right now telling me I won , from the facebook lottery.

Despite knowing what it was I wen't ahead and strung her along for a bit, kept asking if I could get mark to tell me this himself. She just kept posting pictures of people getting big checks, the one she said was mine looked like a reject monopoly thing with a big picture of mark at the top, hard to believe any real bank would ever cash something like that.

Posted By: prof. Biljana Jankulovska. Congratulations to you. Posted By: Orie Medicine Bull. Mark Zuckerberg. Gary Buffalo encouraged me to fill out the paper work and later send the funds to cover upfront payment for winning prize deliver. To sent a money transfer to Albert Lee, Lancaster, Massachusetts, The it stated, "Also you need to keep secret because this is a huge CASH funds that will be delivered to you and we need more security as much as possible.

I wish you best of luck. The letter writer stated his name is James Kuhn in charge of FB. I sent him an email stating that when i went to Western Union that the clerk who knows me told me and she got her supervisor that this was a SCAM. They both told me that there were many other people that knew who came in to get a Western Union for the money transfer. He sent me a message back that it was legit and he had gotten his money. Posted By: Cindy. Yes I have a Jackson Anthony Calvin but first i was messaged by one of my fb friends saying he was a winner n saw my name on list gave me the link.

Then blocked me. I searched the link found This Jackson guy. But in order to receive this I need to send the shipping fee. I'm pretty sure he's from Nigeria because that's where I was suppose to send the money. I don't think so. Posted By: William Smith. Here'Sunday am Brenda: Hello how are you doing today? Me: William Smith, what is this about? O Mr Mark Zuckerberg and he ask me to pass to you some good news. Brenda: Before i proceed i will like to know if you have heard or been informed about the ongoing Facebook Promo going on?

Brenda: Have any of our out staff informed you about your winning prize? The Facebook organization promotion program which is a new innovation by Facebook, is aimed at saying a big thank you to all our users for making Facebook their number one means to connect, communicate, relate and hook up with their families and friends over the years.. Me:ok, and what do you need from me? Me:that would be nice but I think this is a scam, goodbye. Well it ok and we are not forcing you to claim your winning hope you get me Chat Conversation End s another one to be wary of Brenda Berning:. Posted By: Sonia Currie.

This one sent me a copy of the actual Facebook check. Could you email me back at scurrie2 mail. Posted By: Patricia Shipp. I received a message from a Debra Lynn Springman, asking to be added to my friends list on Facebook so I added then she sent me message telling me I won the Facebook lottery and that I needed too contact Fed Ex for delivery and that the Fed Ex would tell me what it would cost for delivery to my home. Facebook C.

This promotional program takes place every years. There are some scam artists around but thanks to the FBI, 3, of them have been arrested. Note them down now on a safe place and keep its very important,Once you are done with that kindly get back to me ok?. All that is for security reasons,So you dont have problems with me ok. Hope you understand that? We also want you to notify them that you are ready to claim your winnings.

Here is their Phone number I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Have you get in touch with the delivery company? Posted By: Danny Mayes will some one let me no. I need to now if Thomas Rachael Renea and javaid Muhammad Qamar are real Facebook coordinator or fakes Thomas said I won on Facebook about two weeks ago and I don't think something ant right I sent of iwas to sent but ineeded more prov so I got I got a certificate with my name on it saying I won Facebook world lottery aweek later they keep wanting to no ween I going send the rest after I told them I was going to report it t the attorneys general they said go ahead it's no scam it's percent real FedEx sent me message to day Thomas went on vacation so I have a new coordinator javaid I look them up profile says the work for Facebook but I need to now because I'm about ready to send the rest to see I can get a answer from Facebook but go account lockup.

Posted By: Robyn Capper. Yes i have a woman saying i have won , but need to pay to fedex above people are saying this is a scam iy is is t it??? Posted By: Brenda Townsend. I was contacted on Fri. I am supposed to send money to recieve this. Is it real or a scam. Love Horoscopes Find out more about the signs you can say astrologically yours, from our love horoscopes.

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