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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Miscellaneous Yoga, Chapter XVI, Part – 4

The native will attain religious order, if the Moon, posited in a decanate of Saturn, is aspected by Mars and Saturn. If the Lord of the Moon Sign receives the sole aspect of Saturn i. Even in this context, the earlier Yogas, if present will only prevail. If the Lord of the Moon Sign, bright with rays, lends his aspect to Saturn, while Saturn is in an Angle, the native will lose his fortunes only to enter into a religious order.

If one among the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter be devoid of strength and occupy the Ascendant, or the 10th, or the 12th in aspect to strong Saturn, the native will become distressed ascetic. Should the Moon with strength be in the 10th, falling in a benefics Navansa, while others occupy their exaltation marks and all being in aspect to strong Saturn, the native will become the Lord of the earth to only become an ascetic.

If waxing Moon, with superior strength, aspects the Ascendant Lord, the latter being bereft of strength and being alone in that Rasi , the native will be devoid of wealth and own men, be miserable, sorrowful, will take to asceticism and will obtain his food with great inconvenience. One will become a religious mendicant, if Saturn occupying a benefics Navansa aspects others including the Moon.

The Moon in this case should only be in Aquarius Navansa. If the Lord of the Moon Sign aspects all the other planets, while these are all together in one Rasi, the native will become an ascetic. The Sun rules the ascetics of the following orders: Those, who worship the Fire God in forests, or on river banks, those, who worship the omnipotent Sun-God, Elephant-faced Ganesa and His benevolent mother Parvati, those, who recite the hymns of Gayatri which are very sacred , those, who are vowed to bathe in the sacred Ganges everyday and those, who maintain absolute celibacy.

The religious order belonging to the Moon attracts the following various persons: Those disciples, who smear their bodies with sacred ashes, those, who worship the Feet of Lord Shiva, those, who are abandoned by the society, those, who are devoted to Bhagavati, those, who give up company of others, those, who take to Soma Siddhanta and those, who carry bowls in their hands for begging alms.


The Buddhist monks, the tonsured, those, who wear white apparels, those, who beg wearing good robes, those, who wear blood-red clothes and those, that have conquered their five senses-all these mendicants are ruled by Mars. Mercury denotes an alm-seeker, a conjurer, a snake poison curer and one, who eats the flesh of a peacock.

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The ascetics ruled by Jupiter are: those, who hold a single sceptre or mace , those, who hold three sceptres, those, who wear red coloured apparels, those, who are in the third stage of their religious life, those, who pull on their lives with fruits and water alone , those, who still are attached to family ties, those, who maintain celibacy and those, who take to visiting shrines etc. Venus rules the mendicants of Saivite and Vaishnavite sects. Religious hypocrites, bare mendicants and the ascetics, who sit under shadowy trees in forests are ruled by Saturn.

Should Raja Yogas be simultaneously present along with the above ascetic Yogas, all the evil results are nullified and the native will become very virtuous, will be adorned by all the kings. All Rights Reserved. AstroGuru Free Horoscopes.

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Muthukumar B. Venkatachalan D. These are the following Vedic astrology yogas for spiritual life. Virshichi yoga.

Astrological Yogas For Spirituality

The 3 elements and their balance. Sanyasa yoga : This yoga happens in when 4 or more planets are present in a horoscope while one of the planets is connected with the 10th house known as karma sthan. Karam meaning work, duty. Mostly this combination should occur in 1st, 4th, 8th, 11th and 12th house.

Muni yoga : this is yoga occurs when ascendant of the navamsa chart and ascendant lord of the birth chart are together in the birth chart. This is the yoga of Munis. Muni simply means spiritual person.

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Someone who is naturally attacked to life of spiritual desire and has no desire for money, home, family or status. Timing of birth must be extremely accurate for this. Kemdrum yoga : this yoga occurs when moon is alone in the horoscope, as in there is no planet 12th or 2nd from the moon or conjunct the moon and nodes do not count. This person likes to live an isolated life, and loves their own company. Such yoga is very important for a person to enjoy their own meditative state.

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Moksha yoga : This yoaga occurs when Sun, Moon and ascendant lord along with Ketu are in 1st, 8th or 12th house. This is the yoga of a person who is living their last physical life and will gain access to the 64th dimension. Virinchi yoga : This yoga occurs when Jupiter and Saturn are in kendra in good strong signs while 5th lord is in the trikon or kendra houses. Such yoga gives indication of spiritual life and wanting to leave material world behind. But, not all planets may give promised success as a spiritual soul.

Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Sun are 4 planets that extremely disciplined regarding spiritual practices. Jupiter is the spiritual guru, Saturn is the planet that breaks the ego down and humbles a person, Mars shows great solider like discipline to wake up each morning, do proper yoga, meditation, and sticking to a strict diet while Sun is the atmakaraka and the karaka of the soul which is everything for spiritual evolution.

If such yogas occur in the Navamsa chart then it confirms a highly learnered spiritual person.

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Sanyasa yoga in Hindu astrology are the peculiar planetary situations or combinations seen in certain horoscopes that indicate Sanyasa i.e. renunciation of. Hi, Sanyasa yoga in Astrology is also known as Pravrajya yoga. This is the What is Gaja Kesari yoga in Vedic astrology and what are the results ascribed to it?.

Such nakshatra hold the power to destroy and re build things in life. Universe and Spirituality are depend upon destruction before having sustenance. Nakshatras are constellation working behind the scene of a zodiac signs. It is said that nakshatras were the first zodiac signs of ancient astrology and zodiac signs that you know of today came much later. Vimshamsha and Navamsa chart are one of the most important charts to see a person will live a spiritual life.

Vimshamsha the D20 chart and Navamsa D9 Chart show the true inner progress in life. Placement of the yogas mentioned in this articles much also be present in these two charts along with Jupiter in Trikon or Moksha houses. Difficult chart : This is the easiest giver of all. A person with difficult chart as in life of hard knocks and walls all around are the ones who actually make it to the light of the spiritual world.

When people have it easy in their life, life seems bland, predictable and sheltered; but when you do not know where and how your next meal is coming from, those are the people who do whatever they have to to each enlightenment.