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Her element is water, she is cold and moist, she rules cancer, is in exaltation in taurus and is in analogy with the stomach. Instead of asking me this horoscop urania varsator 16 22 octombrie a related question, please see this blog post:. In the image on the right, another subject was on the product page for a sofa. Requires that you shake a tree first or use a shovel to hit a rock before. As lord of the 7 th, we see that it represents her partners, who. A man horoscop urania varsator 16 22 octombrie on a daybed in front of his house under the worried gaze of a young boy.

As you see your float bob. Baze decides to buy a house and wants emma and sam to live with him. They were not at home, and we. After that, you will be redirect to your options page. Gains were most pronounced among muslims who accounted for 0. Family life would be happy and peaceful, and your mother would enjoy good health. You would spend most of your time with your family. Situations at work would also be in your favour, and your work will be appreciated. Increase in income is also likely. You would be able to earn good money with your wisdom and skills.

Take care of your health and avoid stale, extra oily and spicy foods. You would be able to repay your debts, this will make you feel peaceful. Monetary gains after sudden money loss is predicted. Your children would feel elated in this duration and would perform well in every activity. Students may also accomplish some great achievements. Their memory power would increase tremendously. Love Predictions: Your love stars seem happy. You would feel loved and your partner would remain devoted to you. Both of you would spend a great time together and plan about your future.

You would also make some important decisions. If married, the time seems unfavourable for you. Ups and downs as well as misunderstanding may occur at home. However, on the bright side, your spouse would achieve some accomplishment and would also gain some good benefits. Also, maintain good relations with your in-laws. You would also gain good financial benefits. These are good times for you at work, and a promotion is also likely.

Your income may also increase. Atmosphere at home will be festive, lively and vibrant. Some auspicious task may also takes place. These are good times for your siblings, and they would progress in their respective domains. Sudden increase in income is presaged in mid-week. You would overpower your opponents. If you are in a business partnership, you would gain profits. However, there may occur disputes between you and your business partner.

Your children will feel energetic. Students would feel mixed emotions in this duration. They would have to work hard to get good results. Extra efforts are also required in competitive exams. Love Predictions: The week would be normal for the matters of love. Some lucky natives may get married to the love of their life. And if you also wish the same, you may try in this direction as positive results are likely. If already married, you need to act carefully. Avoid any kind of dispute with your spouse. Also, pay attention to their health.

LEO You would focus in your working domain, and would achieve results accordingly. You would also get complete support of your seniors. Benefits with self-efforts and through government are likely. Siblings will live happily in this duration. Relatives and friends would support you in your endeavours. Good income is presaged, although unwanted expenses are also likely. Family life would be normal despite minor squabbles. Your mother may get angry with you about something. Your father may get a promotion at work.

You would also gain success with extreme efforts. Pay attention to your health and drive carefully. Pay attention to your child too as they may face some kind of problems and may feel irritated as well. Students may face some obstacles and challenges while studying. However, success is likely in competitive exams. Love Predictions: You would feel mixed emotions this week. Where on one hand, love will increase in your relationship, on the other hand, some misunderstandings may also occur between you two.

You are advised to avoid them as soon as possible. A new person may enter in your life who would become your close friend in future. You may introduce your beloved to your friends. If married, you may face some problems in this period. Though, you would not get any problems from your spouse but, their bad health may upset you. VIRGO Whatever decisions you will make this week, they would prove to be your best decisions, and would pave the way for your success in future. You would get several opportunities on the way, if you grab the right ones, they would be monetary beneficial.

Your joint family life would be blissful, and some auspicious task may also occur in the household. However, there may occur some problems in your own family. You may feel mentally restless and may not feel satisfied with your family life. At the same time, you may gain good benefits through property, etc. Keep your children from extreme anger, as they may get physically affected by it. Your performance at work would also be appreciable, and will benefit you later.

You may gain benefits through government as well. Senior officials would be in your favour too. Love Predictions: Your love stars seem unfavourable this week. Think wisely before you proceed. There may occur some kind of argument with your beloved and it might lead to separation. If married, you would spend a blissful marital life with your spouse this week. You would get respect in the society.

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You may have to go on a long trip due to some important work. Your father may also plan a trip abroad. Ups and downs may occur at home. Make efforts and avoid short-cuts. Unpredicted increase in expenses may also occur. Therefore, it is important to control them. You may also buy a property in this duration, but make sure that it is not disputed. If so, it may cause you mental stress and you may also have to go through legal proceedings. On the bright side, your children would progress in their respective domains.

However, family life may become distressful and might upset you. Students would reap high rewards for their hard work. Love Predictions: The week would be good where the matters of heart are concerned. Love will blossom in your relationship and would make it stable. If married, there may arise some arguments between your spouse and mother.

With love and understanding, you can make your marital life happy and peaceful, and your spouse would also support you in this. However, these spendings would not dishearten you as there would be an increase in your income along with some monetary gains. Your advices would be liked by your senior officials. As a result, your respect would increase and you would get benefits from them.

Profits through government sector is also likely. Make cordial relations with your colleagues, and do not get involved in any dispute with them. Take care of your siblings and avoid arguments with them. On weekend, you may go on a trip to a pleasant place or a pilgrimage. Your family life would be blissful. Your children would feel elated in this duration. Students would also find this time prospering for them. Some natives may also go abroad for further education.

Love Predictions: The week seems promising for love matters. You would share your feeling with each other, which is important for a strong relationship. You may also go on an outing to some pleasant place. The more you understand your beloved, the more they will feel happy and their love for you will deepen.

And together you would plan for a happy future. These are promising times for you at work. You would reap the rewards of your hard work, and a promotion might also be likely. You would also get support from your senior colleagues and elders. Also, pay attention to your health. Avoid being bitter with anyone in family, or it may give birth to fights and arguments.

Do not eat spicy and fried foods. Family life would be blissful and you would earn money by renting your property. Your income would also increase tremendously. Several sources of earning would be obtained. You would also accumulate good money by selling an old vehicle or property. Your children would also progress in their respective domains.

Students would feel curious to learn new things, and their knowledge will grow. Love Predictions: Your love stars seem highly favourable upon you. You would feel compassionate towards each other and may progress in the direction of marriage. If you are planning to propose someone at office, now might be the good time for this. If you are already married, your spouse will support you at work.

Positive changes would also occur in your lifestyle. All in all, your marital life would be blissful in this duration. Anger and stubbornness may increase in you regarding something, and may affect you adversely. Where on one hand, your declining health may become a matter of concern, on the other hand, tensions may also increase in your relationship. You may also buy a new property or vehicle. Your authority would remain at workplace. Your relations with your father would remain healthy. They would gain respect in society. Overall, family life would be peaceful and satisfying.

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Monetary gains are on charts for you. Also postpone an important decision for a while. These are good times for your children as well as for students. Love Predictions: The week seems as usual for love relationships.


Due to some work, your beloved may remain away from you for some time. However, it will not affect your relationship, in fact, it will make it more stronger. You might introduce your beloved to your parents in middle of the week or on weekend. If married, the time seems challenging for you. You may engage in a fight or dispute with your siblings at home or senior officials at work. Despite this, family life would be blissful.

Situations would also be in your favour at office. You would give your best in your work and will make feel rejuvenated and energetic. However, following a healthy lifestyle might become challenging during this period. You may get success in court related matters. Also, try to avoid any kind of argument. Though your opponents would not be able to harm you but, it would be better to avoid any activity that may affect you physically. Your income may increase and so might your expenses. These are one of the best times for your children, which they would spend enjoyably.

Students will work hard to get good results. Those who are preparing for competitive exams may also get successful. Love Predictions: Your love stars seem unhappy this week. Right now, mutual understanding is very important for both of you and for a stable relationship. You may go an outing with your beloved or may plan a lunch or dinner date together. Love will blossom in your relationship. If married, you would get the chance to meet your in-laws with your spouse.

And your marital relationship would get deepened. But due to your extreme busy schedule, you may spend less time with your family. Take time to relax in middle of the work, otherwise you will be exhausted. You would feel happy with the fulfillment of your wishes. You would also gain some benefits. Work hard at workplace because the efforts made today will help you progress later.

Family life would be as usual. Students may face some challenges. They may feel lack of concentration while studying or may suffer from some health issue. You may feel spiritually in this period. However, lustful thoughts may also arise in you, which might defame you. Therefore, be careful in this direction. Love Predictions: This week seems unfavourable for your relationship. Therefore, let the time pass by. If married, the time seems in your favour. All in all, your marital life will be completely blissful. Read October monthly horoscope predictions and know what eminent changes will occur in job, business, education, health and family life.

October month has begun! Just like every other time, AstroSage has brought important monthly horoscope predictions for our readers this month as well. You would get important predictions related to all 12 Zodiac signs and special remedies to avoid your problems. They would gain several benefits and immense success in the domains of education, career, business, health, family and marital life. Furthermore, October also seems significant from religious and astrological point of view.

A chain of festivals would also begin from this month. Among this auspicious events, Navratri and Dussehra are major events. Additionally, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun planet will transit in respective Zodiac signs this month. A large number of opportunities pertaining to success would come your way. There may be an increase in concerns related to your child.

Problems may arise due to useless expenditures and hardships. However, there is a good possibility of Your resources of materialistic comforts are likely to increase. There may be an increase in the count of opportunities to perform new tasks. In addition to this, there are a high possibility of Being lazy may also make you prone to interruptions in your working domain. However, In addition to better prospects of money-making; your relations with relatives will get better.

There is also a clear possibility of Works undertaken with self-confidence are possibly going to create excellent economic prospects. Also, relations with Work done with confidence can be successful. If there is a plan to expand an existing project, then it would There is also the possibility of solving a complex problem with the help of a loved one. Venus is transiting into its own Zodiac sign, which ensures success in works undertaken with self-confidence. Additionally, there may be Due to your extreme temperamental nature, disruption in work may arise. Struggling in vain may cause mental stress.

Conflicts may arise with your favoured friends and brothers. Relations might also get worse with close relatives, but New business related plans will be created and its related benefits will also get available accordingly in time. There may be additional expenditure on There may also arise fear of an injury during a journey.

In the second half of October month, means of earning a sustained income are likely to exist with the support of your family members. With Mars being exalted during this month, there are Any effort made physically might also become successful. Any auspicious and pleasant work may get completed in you family. As a result, mental disturbance as well as stressful situations might become more intense. Works which are about to get completed might also get interrupted.

Find how 12 zodiac signs will get affected! Read the astrological effects of Mercury transit in Libra zodiac sign and its effect on your job, business, education, health etc. Mercury , which is said to be the representative of wisdom and speech, will mark a major impact on all zodiac signs by changing its position. It will also affect the business sector on a big scale. On October 6, Saturday at PM, when Mercury will transit in Libra and conjunct with Jupiter and Venus, then the prices of cotton, cloth, gold, silver and rice will increase.

Also, with Mercury rising from West on 9 October, there will be an increase in the value of silver, rice and banking shares. Mercury will remain in Libra until October 26, Friday, pm. Let's know how this Mercury transit will affect all 12 zodiac signs. Conflicts with your spouse are quite probable.

Read more Taurus During this period, you would achieve success in legal cases, debates and disputes. Children would feel comfortable. You would develop a soft corner in your heart for children. It would be a favourable period for your mother as well. Leo You would lend your support to your siblings with financial aid but, you might engage in debates or disagreements with them. Your friend circle would expand for your betterment. Virgo This transit would bring about a period of happiness and enjoyment for you.

In this duration, you would savour tasty and delicious foods. Libra You would enjoy comforts during this period but, you need to be cautious about money-related matters. The reason being that wealth losses along with mental stress can make their way into your life. Scorpio There might be an outflow of income due to your excessive expenditure. You might suffer a loss of wealth as well, if you do not spend money carefully.

You are likely to travel abroad. Wealth gains and an increase in dignity would be bestowed upon you. You would supercede your opponents. Mental stress might bother you, so you are advised to meditate. The period should also be utilised to repay loans levied upon you. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Embed this content in your HTML.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, 12222

Astrology Chart Zodiac Signs. You will be inclined to buy any quack medicine that is well advertised and have always some new pill or tonic to offer to your friends. If you can lie off and rest you may be able to forestall evil day for some time, but the indications are of sudden death without warning. Your most important numbers are the "four" and "eight" and all their series, and dates making these numbers will play an important role in your life. During these seven days you will help a friend who is experiencing his own personal drama.

Report adult content:. Account: login. More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Contact us about this article. Now, take a look at below predictions for all 12 signs to know what surprises might be there in store for them this week:. Click here to know your Moon Sign: Moon sign Calculator. Fluctuations in your income and expenses may be seen. Read More. You will remain busy with your work, therefore, you would spend less time with you family.

You may go on a long tour, which will not only be financially fruitful but, would Planetary influence on your life through your Birth Chart? Read: Planets in Astrology. Long - distance trip is a possibility, which would bring This week, neither hurt anyone nor turn your back on your responsibilities or You would work hard and your time at work would be productively and mentally You will have to maintain balance between your personal and professional life, as Whether it is growth in your working domain, or love and peace in your family life, you would Though family life seems peaceful but, chances of If you want to be happy, then you would have to end your inner turmoils and In this duration, you would feel happy about getting your long-held tasks finished This week your expenses may increase.

Like Karva Chauth, this fast is also performed without drinking water Nirjala Vrat. In Hindu religion, Cow has been given the status of a mother, and is considered the holiest being in the world as per Vedas and Puranas. Several dishes are prepared on this auspicious occasion using barley, wheat, gram Chana and rice-mixture called Sattu along with Ghee and Meva.

Take a look at how Venus transit will influence the lives of the natives of all 12 Zodiac signs:. Find your Moon sign with Moon Sign Calculator. Venus transit would lead to an increase in your professional status, though you are advised It would be a period, when you need to pay attention to your health, or it may decline a bit. This transit period would lead to a victory over your opponents.

Your domestic life would be filled with love, affection, peace and prosperity. Your calibre, courage and determination would increase. There are chances that an auspicious activity can take place in your family. Your health is bound to improve, however you need to avoid an excess of everything that might affect You would perform exceedingly well and your career would see a rise in foreign land. This transit period would enrich your life with prosperity and monetary gains, and you would also Know why Gemstones are important in Astrology?

You would work hard, but may not find your efforts satisfactory. Long journeys would bear fruit, and you would earn name and fame. This transit period would lead to an increase in sensuous activities, and you would To know more about the astrological influence of this celestial phenomenon on your lives, read Venus transit in Libra.

Now, take a look at following monthly horoscope predictions for the month of September:. This month looks auspicious for your life and you are likely to succeed in all your endeavors. This month would be average from work and business point of view. You are a wise and intelligent person. You might experience some mental stress or disturbance during middle of the month. You are a bold and courageous person, and responsible enough to perform a task to completion. By performing positive religious acts, you will get better business opportunities and your career will progress to new heights.

The month is particularly good in terms of social status and respect. You might experience ups and downs in business or career this month. You might experience unexpected challenges or roadblocks. You will feel quite satisfied with your work or professional domain. You are a person with a serious and analytical bent of mind, and are far-sighted too. The month will bring you a lot of joy, happiness and financial prosperity.

Note: The above mentioned Muhurat is for New Delhi only. Know Muhurat for your city here, Janmashtami Shubh Muhurat. This year, special Yoga of Shri Krishna Jayanti is especially auspicious for the people who are still childless. As per ancient scriptures, Janmashtami Puja and Vrat has great significance in Hinduism. You will have to act wisely as tensions may arise in your personal and professional life. Pay attention to your health as you may face some physical problems. You will get huge sources of earning this week. You would get the support of your colleagues at workplace, and your work would also be appreciable.

Ups and downs may be seen in financial situations.

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On the 26th, Mercury moves into Scorpio and those of you with artistic aspirations will be on Gemini daily finance horoscope - 7 October Gemini: here are your general predictions for the day October

You would feel elated this week and would perform each task wholeheartedly. A good income is likely this week. You would experience mixed feelings this week. Happiness will grace your family, and will brighten your mood. You may plan to meet your friends or neighbours this week. During this transit period, you would gain mental strength, and your intellect would also enhance.

Your hard work would offer you favourable results in your professional life. During this transit period, your communication would strengthen and you would procure gains through it. During the transit of Mercury in Leo, gains from abroad are presaged for the natives of Cancer. In this duration, you would get recognition in the society, and your social status would also get enhanced.

You might go abroad or to a remote place for some professional reasons during this transit period What Numbers Say about your Future? Numerology Calculator. During this transit period, your income would definitely increase, and if you are into any business, it would You would focus on the diverse aspects of excelling at work. This transit period would prove to be progressive for your life.

During this transit period, there might arise some troubles in your life like Unexpected events might occur in your life. In this transit period, you may get indulged in some disputes or debates, but the outcome of the same This direct motion of Saturn Lord Shani may bring tremendous profits for the natives of Aries. Saturn direct will bring good luck for the natives of Taurus. For Gemini natives, this progressive motion of Saturn would offer mixed results. Read Shani Puja and Remedies.

This progressive period would bring peace to the natives of Cancer. Leo natives would gain benefits as well as attain auspicious results with Saturn direct in Sagittarius. Direct motion of Saturn will prove to be beneficial for the natives of Virgo. With this progressive motion, Lord Shani blesses the natives of Libra with lots of happiness. Since Saturn is already transiting in Sagittarius, after its retrograde motion, now it is direct here. All problems in your life would end with Saturn direct in Sagittarius. Direct motion of Saturn would offer optimum results to the natives of Aquarius.

With the blessings of Lord Shani, your income would increase and your status at work would also grow. Now, take a look at below predictions for all 12 signs to know what surprises might be there in store for you this week:. You will have to be careful as you may have an argument with someone at work. Pay attention to your health as some problems may affect your healthiness. This week, you will maintain a perfect balance between your family and work. Your eloquence would increase, and this finesse would help you in getting things done.

Support from your colleagues will help you to give a great work performance in your area of expertise. You may go abroad, or on a work trip to some distant place. Tremendous chances of monetary gains are there. You will have to concentrate on your financial situation, as it may get affected with increase in You would make extra efforts in your working domain. If you are going on a trip, be prepared, otherwise you may face some problems. Increase in expenses may affect your financial situation, therefore, pay attention to it. You would feel spiritual and would take interest in activities related to it.

Note: The Muhurat is valid for New Delhi. To know muhurat timings in your city, click on Hartalika Teej Muhurat. According to religious beliefs, Parvati ji performed difficult austerity to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Note: Muhurat time mentioned above is valid for New Delhi only. After bathing in the morning, take Copper or clay - made idol of Ganesh ji and worship the Siddhivinayak Roop form of the God.

Natives of these two signs should establish Vermillion Sindoori colored Ganesh Murti idol in their homes and adorn his idol with Red and Vermillion clothes. Dress up the idol of Lord Ganesha in white clothes and offer Modak as Bhoga. Natives of these signs should adorn Ganesh Murti with green clothes. Natives should vesture Ganpati Murti in pink clothes. Dress Ganesh ji in red colored clothes.

The natives of these two signs should adorn the idol of Ganesh ji in blue colored clothes. Renowned astrologers and wise scholars believed that worshipping Lord Ganesha is highly felicitous for a person. Now, read here to know in detail about the effects of this Sun transit on your life:. To know your Moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator.

This planetary movement would prove to be beneficial for you. In this period, some confusions might hamper your decision-making skills. This transit might lead to increase in mental stress as well as health declination for This period indicates strong health and excellent immunity.

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During this period, your speech might become harsh, and may harm the feelings of There might be wealth losses during this period. During this period, you may travel abroad, which means that you may have to stay away from This period indicates several gains for you as your income may increase; due to which Know your future as per Numerology Reading It is predicted that you might have to face a decline in your social image.

There are possibilities of facing trivial issues due to your own Karmas. This duration of Sun transit indicates conflicts and tiffs in your marital life. To know more about this, take a look at Narendra Modi Kundali. You may go on a long trip this week but, be prepared before you go to avoid You may feel mentally stressed about trivial matters. You may face some challenges this week. Your health may also decline due to… Read More.

Happiness may grace your family life with its presence. This will… Read More. Tensions in family life may upset you. You would influence others and would get your work done with This week, you would make decisions that would benefit you in the long run. You need to focus on your family life, as some tensions or disputes may You would feel mentally stressed about something, or may feel upset for no reason.

Read here: What happens when you wake up at 3 AM? You may face problems regarding your financial situation, as sudden expenses… Read More. You would gain monetary benefits in this 7 days duration. This week, you need to focus and make efforts to give your best at work. This transit period would lead to monetary gains as well as you would enjoy good food, and may With this transit, your mental stress and worries might increase.

During this transit period, your luck would completely transform. During this period, you would experience unknown fears. You would gain wealth and acquire jewellery during this transit period. Mercury transit in your own sign might develop a habit of backstabbing others in you. This transit of Mercury may lead to wealth losses and unhappiness. Your health would remain good, and happiness would prevail in your life.

You would be endowed with a promotion at workplace or might acquire a new post. With this transit, you might face hurdles in accomplishing your goals and undertakings This transit would lead to monetary gains. You would find yourself devoid of energy and might face health issues. According to the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, a grandson or nephew seems eligible to perform the rituals of Pind Daan, in case the departed have no son. By doing 10 types of donations during Pitru Paksha, the ancestors gains absolute peace. According to the traditions and puja vidhi, Shradh of the departed kin should be done on the date of his death.

In addition, there are some special beliefs which are as follows:. Shradh of father is carried out on the eighth day Ashtami , and shradh of mother is done on the ninth day Navami. Increase in expenses is presaged, therefore, invest your money wisely. Some of your desires would come true, which will make you happy. You may have to face several hardships this week.

Your health may suffer, at the same time… Read More. You would get full support from your siblings, and would feel mentally This week seems quite promising for the natives of Virgo. Pay attention to your family life. Situations at workplace will be in your favour, and you may also get a promotion. This week, you would focus more on your family life. However, your concentration would… Read More.

You would get relieved from chronic diseases but, at the same time, some new You would work hard in your working domain as the time demands for it, otherwise Take a look at below predictions for all 12 signs to know what surprises might be there in store for you this week:. You may go on a trip this week. Changes may occur at workplace, and you may face some issues initially to get adjust to them.

Remedies: Feed green fodder and pulse to a Black or Brown cow. You would be quite busy this week. Your wish may come true, which would make you happy. You would focus in your working domain, and would achieve results accordingly. Whatever decisions you will make this week, they would prove to be your best decisions, and would pave the way for your success in future.

Your advices would help people to get things done and they will appreciate you for it.

Gemini: Your daily horoscope - October 09

You would relish in various comforts this week and may also spend money over them. You would have lots of things on your mind this week, therefore, save your energy and use it when it is the right time. Take care of your health in this 7 days period. You may go on a religious trip this week. You would focus on your family and professional life.

In this month, you will be able to receive monetary benefits after a lot of struggle. Some ongoing projects might be hampered during this month. Trouble and delay in executing numerous financial schemes may lead to lots of mental stress. Your interest in religious activities and social domain is likely to increase. Money might be spent on auspicious tasks, but opportunities for financial gain and progress will also get better. In addition to your respect and honour, a growth in economic gains is likely to take place in this month.

Progress of destiny might be affected by numerous obstacles. Getting indulged in different tasks would increase your struggling power this month. Your mind might get disturbed due to financial difficulties during this month. In this month, your sources of income are likely to increase. During this period of 31 days, your problems may arise due to spending more money in unnecessary projects. During this period, you would find yourself devoid of energy and might face some health issues.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

During this period, you would achieve success in legal cases, debates and disputes. Due to this transit, you would develop a thirst for knowledge and would try to learn new things. In this duration, mental satisfaction, domestic harmony, and happiness would prevail for you. You would lend your support to your siblings with financial aid but, you might engage in debates or disagreements with them.

This transit would bring about a period of happiness and enjoyment for you. You would enjoy comforts during this period but, you need to be cautious about money-related matters. There might be an outflow of income due to your excessive expenditure. With this celestial event, you would achieve success in your undertakings.

As a result of this, you would gain respect at workplace, and a rise in your position is also likely. You might have to face obstacles in your undertakings, which you would be able to overcome with your hard work. This transit would bring happiness to children as they would enjoy comforts during this period. Adult Image? Browse the Latest Snapshot. Browsing All Articles Articles. Live Browser. Janmashtami Puja Muhurat Nishith Puja Muhurat. From to Janmashtami Paran Muhurat. After on September 3, Hartalika Teej Puja Muhurat.

Muhurat in Early Morning.